Competition Time!

October 2, 2015


A number of wrestlers are preparing for the British Championships (junior and senior) in October:


  • 3rd October 2015, Central Wales - Junior Championships

  • 24th October 2015, Wolverhampton - Senior Championships

The Senior squad, are expected to wrestle 4 times a week, swim twice a week, weightlifting twice a week and cardiovascular workouts 3 times a week amongst other workouts to compliment the four times a week wrestling.

The Juniors who are preparing for their tournament are expected to attend training for at least 2 sessions in the week along with their 'homework' throughout the week which consists of full extension chin ups, sprawls, sit ups, press ups, squats and just going over their drills that they've been learning since the last grading. They are also expected to go jogging and swimming in order to aid their cardio and breathing overall.

Coach Amir has said that he is looking to take approximately 6-8 juniors and 8-10 seniors to the respective tournaments. On the preparations being made he said; 'the improvements are slow but definitely showing, especially amongst the seniors.'

We look forward to seeing the efforts being made on the training mat coming to fruition on the competition mats.


 Above: AbdurRahman Miah (left) and Abdullah Bhaijee (right) - in Riga, Latvia for the Junior Wrestling Grand Prix


Above: Competetion training warm up preview

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