Junior Wrestling Grading - June 2015

Congratulations to all the Kids that graded!

On the 14th of June 2015, 80 kids attended grading. This was a culmination of all their hard work during the past 6 months. They had to perfect their technique as well as build on their core fundementals. They each had to demonstrate their knowledge and technique under exam conditions in front of an audience and 2 examiners!

What is grading and why?

Grading allows the coaches to assess the student on their knowledge and technique, traditionally this would not take place in wrestling; it's something that was reserved only for martial arts such as Karate. However in the past 2 years there have been some developments with UWA (United World Wrestling, they have now created a syllabus which is Internationally recognised - the BWA (British Wrestling Association) - this means that Wrestling has now standardised their approach.

We have adopted this framwork and made it compulsory for all our junior members and seniors will follow suit. This means that we have a set syllabus from junior all the way up to senoir level - and we have already seen the benefits!

Video Footage of Junior Grading - December 2014

Disclaimer: These videos are held on our private servers and not availbale to the general public, we will give parents one month to view them and then we will take them down. (click on the links to view the videos)

White Award

Yellow Tag 1

Names of Junior Wrestlers who passed (Alphabetical Order):

White Award - Group 1 (11:00am Grading)

  1. Abdullah, Salahudeen

  2. Afzal, Hanzalah

  3. Ahmed, Sabir

  4. Akhoon, Zayn

  5. Akram, Ayyub

  6. Asim Khan, Abdurahman

  7. Di Palma, Yahya

  8. Ledgister, Ubayd

  9. Mahmood, Saif-Ullah

  10. Nadim, Hamid

  11. Raja, Eisa

  12. Ravat, Aadil

  13. Sharif, Laith

  14. Uddin, Ibrahim

  15. Waqas, Yusuf

  16. Zai, Mohammed Luqmaan

White Award - Group 2 (12:30pm Grading)

  1. Abubakar, Salahuddin

  2. Ali, Khattab

  3. Ali, Abbas

  4. Gilani, Syed

  5. Hussain, Mohammed Zakariya

  6. Kyvanfar, Nickzad

  7. Linton, Ismaeel

  8. Linton, Ishaaq

  9. Mansha, Ibrahim

  10. Mansha, Abdullah

  11. Moghul, Ismail

  12. Moghul, Abdul Kabir

  13. Moghul, Abdul Jabbar

  14. Mulla, Mohammed Bilal

  15. Rehman, Yusuf

  16. Tanveer, Hosaam

  17. Yusuf, Mohammed

White Award, Yellow Tag 1 (2:00pm Grading)

  1. Anwar, Abdullah

  2. Bhaijee. Umar

  3. Isarai, Abdurrahman

  4. Ishfaq, Uthman

  5. Khan, Idrees

  6. Khan, Sayfurrahman

  7. Lezama, Corey

  8. Malik, Owais Ahmed

  9. Malikov, Mohammad

  10. Muthy, Hassan

  11. Muthy, Jibril

  12. Nasim, Yahya

  13. Qasim, Dawud

  14. Rafiq, Sufyan

  15. Ryan, Joshua

  16. Salahuddin, Asad

  17. Salahuddin, Qasim

  18. Salahuddin Khan, Yousuf

  19. Shahzad, Yusuf Sheraz

White Award - Yellow Tag 2 (3:30pm Grading)

  1. Adeel, Isa

  2. Asif, Zubair

  3. Aslakhanov, Mansour

  4. Cheref, Muthanna

  5. Elias, Muhammad

  6. Elias, Ibrahim

  7. Elwardany, Ahmad

  8. Elwardany, Yusuf

  9. Elwardany, Adam

  10. Glasgow, Salih

  11. Qasim, Hasan

  12. Qasim, Rayan

  13. Sabir, Ibraheem

  14. Sabir, Hamza

  15. Saleem, Sulayman

  16. Saleem, Ibraheem

  17. Uddin, Hasan

  18. Wilson, Eesa

  19. Yahiaoui, Ibraheem

  20. Yahiaoui, Sulaymaan

Yellow Award - Orange Tag 1 (3:30pm Grading)

  1. Ahmed, Ahmed

  2. Ahmad, Yusuf

  3. Ahmad, Zayaan

  4. Bhaijee, Abdullah

  5. Eslami, Musa

  6. Matthews, Rio

  7. Miah, Abdurrahman

  8. Miah, Ibrahim

  9. Yaqub, Zayd Ali

Congratulations to all who passed - next grading December 2015!

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