Legion Fitness Remix - A new beginning

In December 2013, Legion Fitness embarked on a restructure. We formed a management team to put in place a new mission, vision and a set of values to ensure high quality service and programme provision. We put together a document which you can read here.​​

The Legion Story

Between 1998 and 2001, Coach Amir Eslami started teaching Submission Wrestling at Upton Lane Community Centre, it was a combination of what he was taught at Mauricio Gomez's club (Jiu Jitsu) in Kensington and his Olympic Freestyle wrestling background. It proved to be very popular - this was the beginning of the Legion story.

In 2004, ELWA (East London Wrestling Assciaction) was formed; that went on to be Legion Wrestling as we know it. In 2011, we moved to our new premises, aptly named Transform House; and the rest is history.


When we sat down to re-write our Mission and Vision statement, something became glaringly obvious - we love Wrestling! In fact anything grappling related. Our evolution over the years, including the introduction of our Strength and Conditioning circuits (our most popular class) have been to imnprove our grappling. We decided that it would be a good foundation to build our organisation on.

Why Grappling?

Over the past 7 years we have seen the popularity of our kids wrestling programme rocket! From our humble beginnings, we have managed to grow our Junior Wrestling Academy to over 150 members, and growing! - the BWA (British Wrestling Association) have told us that we make up 10% of wrestling members in the UK!

So why the popularity? Wrestling has brought some amazing benefits to our kids:

- Increased confidence

- Improved flexibilty

- Improved strength

- Improved discipline

- Weight Loss

- Increased attention span

- Some parents have even seen improvement in grades

The list can go on.....

We wanted to bring these benefits to all our customers, whether they grapple or not. So we created our Fitness and Combat Sports framework, to be able to ensure that we bring quality to all our disciplines. (to be explained in future posts)

Ladies, we haven't forgotten you!

As we are a single gendered facility, we wanted to make sure we have a balanced timetable and excellent female coaches to teach our classes. We are working tirelessly to bring in talented female athletes and trainers to spearhead the project. We already have an amazing Kickboxing coach in Sensei Maria Carrera who heads the Ladies/Girls Kickboxing Academy, her classes are our most popular. We also have a new Strength and Conditioning class run by Emi Hardy who is a Level 3 personal trainer and sports conditioning coach. We aim to bring more good quality coaching and classes in due course.

Grappling for Girls

We have taken lessons from our Boys Wrestling Academy, and it's benefits (see above). That's why we have now decided to start our Girls Only Wrestling classes - to be taught by Simona Soukupova, a MMA fighter with a wrestling background. Simona has completed her Level 1 Coaching Certificate and is currently undertaking training on our Wrestling Curriculum.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We have been running BJJ classes for the last year. We will be growing our Jiu Jitsu member base this year and are looking to make partnerships with other BJJ organistaions to increase our credibilty in the grappling world. We want to make our BJJ team as successful as our Wrestling Team. Eventually we want our wrestlers to cross over into BJJ and vice versa- creating a perfect storm of takedowns and submisions. (More infor on this will follow in future posts)

That's it for now, we will keep you all updated with all the comings and goings. We're on this journey together!

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