Kickboxing (in Japanese キックボクシング kikkubokushingu) is a group of stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, historically developed from Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Western boxing. Kickboxing is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport.


To read more about Kickboxing click here for Wikipedia article.

Kickboxing at Legion Fitness:

At the moment, we only have Kickboxing for girls and ladies. The class is run by Maria Carrera of Carrera studios.


The great thing about the girls/ladies only kickboxing sessions is that there is a real mixture of:


  • Ages

  • Shapes

  • Abilities

  • Fitness Levels

We have ladies from all walks of life. The shared factor in all the sessions is the good nature among the ladies training, and their shared interest in learning a martial art. Many of the women have become friends through training. Female Students feel part of a team, and support each other.


Kickboxing at Legion Fitness is regulated by WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations). All participants (Adults & Children) are required to have valid membership, this provides you with Insurance & Membership with WAKO GB and gives you full access to comprehensive support, insurance, national and international martial arts recognition, access to accredited  courses and competitions, locally, nationally and world wide. 

Although you don't need to be a member on your first few sessions, but you will need to purchase membership after your 4th session. Without a valid WAKO membership you will not be able to take your belt promotion examinations.


As with karate, belt grading systems used in kickboxing begin with the white belt. When you join you will automatically be given a white belt. Grading students by giving them belts is a great way to encourage them to progress and work towards improving.


Many people need a goal to work towards and a grading system is the perfect way to give you that goal. It fuels you with the determination to constantly improve your power, speed, agility, technique and mental strength.

So what are the colours used to grade kickboxing students?

The grading system we use to grade our students is:


  • Red Belt

  • Yellow Belt

  • Orange Belt

  • Green Belt

  • Blue Belt

  • Purple Belt

  • Brown Belt

  • Black Belt


...but it doesn't stop there. Once you have reached black belt you are able to strive for a high rank black belt.

Don't let the belt or grade phase you. It's just a rank. It's all about your self progress and self grading that is most important, just relax and enjoy the session, after all that's the whole reason you train right.... because you love it!


1. Melt fat, fast

2. Tone your entire body

3. Learn valuable self-defense moves

4. Take out stress and aggression

5.  Build Confidence


6. Make new friends

7. Better than

conventional exercise

8. Learn a new skill

9. Improve balance and hand to eye coordination

10. Push your boundaries


1. Long  shorts or stretchy joggers

2. Boxing gloves (if you don't have any we'll provide some for you)

3. Hand wraps (click here)

4. Comfortable cotton t-shirt

5. Gym Towel


For more info read this article

After your first few classes, if you decide to take up Kickboxing more long term; you will be required to purchase a Kickboxing uniform. 

Ask the front desk for more information.


Maria Carrera's journey through the martial arts world began in 1990. She received her 1st Dan in Karate in 1995, and 2nd Dan in Zendo Kickboxing in 2007. In January 2011 she was named U.F.A.M. (United Martial Arts Federation) English President, and in 2012 she was awarded a 4th Dan in Kickboxing and Full-Contact as a result of a great career. Since 1991 she has been competing at national and international level, and have taken part in more than 80 competitions around the world in semi-, light- and full-contact contests. 


From 1991, she has been working in both Spain and UK in the field of martial arts education, 24 years experience working with children and young people. In 1995 she collaborated in the foundation of the sports association A.M.A. (today known as W.A.M.A.I.)


  • 2001 and 2003 - W.A.M.A.I. (World Association Martial Arts International) World Champion

  • 11x  Spanish National Champion

  • Silver Medallist, British Championship  1995

  • Bronze Medallist, British Championship 1999

  • Gold Medallist, CIMAC World Cup 2004



  • National Kickboxing Coach (2002); 

  • National Kickboxing Referee (1996); 

  • Practical First Aid and Lifeguard from the Spanish Red Cross (1998), renewed in Britain (2008); 

  • Specialist in the Management of Sports Clubs (2005), from the University of Sports Sciences, Spain

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